#TeamNatural — We Don’t Care!

Oh know she didn’t!

Girl, yes. I did.

I’m just gonna dive right in here.

#TeamNatural I’m over y’all.

But let me tell you who I’m speaking about directly and why I’m addressing this before you all go HAM in the comments section.

In the last few years the decision to go natural has become trendy. And I’m cool with that. You all have seen your favorite celebs/bloggers go for it so you decided to embrace your curls, coils and kinks and join the squad. Again, I’m cool with that. No argument from me here.

But you do know what/who I’m sick of? You perpetual #naturalhair hashtag abusers.

I’ve had a perm since I was six.

*insert finger wagging and mama-shaming here*

And guess what? I’ll always have a perm because that’s all I know. Nor do I care to discover anything else about my hair besides it laying down when and how I need it to.

But you know what I’m not doing? Hashtagging my pics #TeamCreamyCrack #RelaxedHair #TeamStraightHair. And do you know why? Because it makes me NO BETTER THAN ANYONE WITH NATURAL HAIR. Yes, I’m yelling.

I know, I know. Black women have been inundated with messages from the media to straighten their hair to fit “society’s” standard of beauty for years and now y’all are taking a stand.


But can I tell you what this whole “movement” is doing? It’s dividing us even more as black women.

Y’all have turned going natural into an elitist feeling. You often look down on those that wear wigs, weaves and have relaxed hair. For whatever reason society has made you believe that you are better than me because I coat (and slather and paint and massage) my hair with a chemical every six weeks, like bleaching and dying your kinks, coils and curls isn’t just as damaging.

Your antics even have white women looking at me like I’m an alien because I’m not natural. Seriously. My esthetician couldn’t believe that as a black woman in 2015 I had a perm (salute to her though because as I was slightly offended it took my mind off her ripping the hair out of my body). But you know where she got that from?

Y’ALL. Not society.

Hashtagging EVERY picture #NaturalHair is the equivalent to the ridiculously ignorant #TeamDarkSkin and #TeamLightSkin labels.

You are inadvertently or purposefully sending an ugly message to the those with relaxed hair that you’re better than us.

I know you’re natural. I have eyes. I don’t need your caption to tell me you’re #EmbracingMyCurls or #NaturallyMe, just like you don’t need me telling you #TeamSoftAndBeautiful every six weeks.

Let’s grow up and stop finding ways to exclude each other, and work together and do some real damage in the world (no pun intended. Lol).

Cicely is dope. Viola is dope. Solange is dope. Tracee is dope.

But guess what?

So is Krystal and every other woman in the world that makes the monthly decision to perm their kinks.



I’m kidding, I’m kidding! But see how ridiculous that reads?



  1. Joy · July 1, 2015

    I love this blog even though I was natural 4 a few yrs I decided 2 go back 2 da creamy crack 4 personal reason. I can’t remember me ever puttin a hashtag on me being natural because 2 me it wasn’t anyone’s business how my hair was.


  2. adw42 · July 12, 2015

    This articule is absolutely awesome! Your words were funny yet unfortunately true about it being more alienating then empowering. It’s a great read!


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