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Shaun Shaun Robinson has ended her 16 year career with Access Hollywood. She has inked a deal with NBCUniversal to produce scripted and non-scripted television shows through her production company Robin Hood.

Why is this important?

Growing up I only saw three women of color on television doing what I wanted to do:


Jacque Reid.

Shaun Robinson.


I watched Jacque for years on BET’s Nightly News, now 15 years later she’s a contributor for the show/company I work for. We’re not going to even bring up the fact that I listened to my boss’ show all my life and now I work side by side with him (#goGod).

But back to Shaun.

She is single handedly one of the reasons why I thought television was/is an attainable goal for me and is a huge part of the reason I have a degree in Journalism.

I remember begging Ma Dukes to turn from Wheel of Fortune at 6:30p to Access Hollywood just to watch Shaun.

I know, I know. This news means nothing to you.

But for me, it’s not only a very clear sign but also a huge source of motivation.

I was told by a colleague earlier this year to keep moving towards television and not to get stuck just being where I am. Her exact words “they’re going to be looking for the next Shaun Robinson one day”.

Call it whatever you like but as a believer I don’t believe in coincidences. Like, at all.

You don’t accidentally do anything in life.

You don’t accidentally experience/hear things, stumble into places nor are you accidentally in the right/wrong place.

My Pastor always says, “God won’t expose you to things he doesn’t want you to have.”

Steve Harvey taught me how to ride my first ATV in 2008. I hung out with his family in their Dallas mansion for a week. I currently work for the biggest name in black radio. I’ve witnessed my boss drive his Rolls Royce to pick up his  brand new Lambo. There are also countless other scenarios I could add here.

My point?

While Shaun’s departure saddens me professionally, I’m excited that one day soon, little girls will watch me on television with the same admiration and passion as I did Shaun, Jacque and Oprah.

When you hear/see the aforementioned names you’ll recognize another one.

I’m excited to inspire someone, young or old to push toward their dreams.

Keep going.

God specializes in the impossible.



  1. leaveittomersy · June 25, 2015

    I could have stopped reading at, “God won’t expose you to things he doesn’t want you to have.” 🙌 #message
    I’m glad you’re blogging.


  2. thejasmineellis · June 25, 2015

    Man I love watching her on TV! Representation matters so much and seeing her ,Oprah, Aisha Tyler and Wanda Sykes has made my TV dreams feel real. Good blog btw I’ll be following you.


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